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NOWCA club membership

NOWCA members-

To use  your annual pass  to book a session via ACTIO, the NOWCA app, you will need to join our swim club

  1. Log in to your NOWCA account online via (use the same credentials you use to login to ACTiO)

  2. Select CLUB LISTINGS in the top ribbon menu.

  3. From the list of clubs, select: SEVERNSIDE SWIM AND SUP 

  4. Click APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP at the bottom of the page. Your activation request will be sent to Nix . Please allow up to 3 working days (excluding weekends) for your pass to be verified and activated – 

  5. Once your activation request is received, we will verify your application.

  6. Once verified and approved, you will receive an email notification that you have been added to the Club

  7. Your pass is now activated and ready for you to use. When you next log in to the ACTiO app, you will see the free club pricing for the swim and sup sessions and discounted events.

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